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Jaffa Vets Salisbury

A vets just for cats

Since opening our doors in 2013 Jaffa’s have become firmly established as the place to bring your cats for the best quality care in the most cat-friendly environment.

We are a ‘family-owned’ business and aim to be the antidote to modern ‘corporate’ veterinary practice. We delight in telling you that your cat does not need to be vaccinated against every possible disease every year, and charge you (not) accordingly. And we wont try and sell you a ‘prescription diet’ at every opportunity. Our priority is your cat’s care and we will do whatever it takes to do right by you and your cat.

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Hello, I'm Pete Coleshaw

Jaffa’s is the ‘baby’ of myself and my wife Jill – our take on how we would personally like to be treated at a vets, offering the care we would like our pets to receive. We hope you like our offering and look forward to meeting new faces.

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Cat friendly

Treating cats in the same airspace, smell-space or noise-space as dogs is fundamentally wrong - it happens because that's how its always been. Jaffa’s offers the humane alternative.

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Expertise: at all levels

Our expertise and knowledge is not just about complicated cases – it starts at the ground level with everyday conditions, finding different solutions to everyday problems.

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Vets with a difference

We have our own unique ways of doing things, centred on the needs of you and your cat. Our years of experience show that the ‘usual way’ things are done can often be improved upon.

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19 Sep 19

Be with your cat

We have come to understand that one of the things we do automatically is not the norm - and it is so...

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19 Jun 19

Summer News Letter

Armed forces day 29th June Owing to the Armed Forces Day National Event Castle Road will be closed...

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05 Jun 19

International Cat Care Open Day

International Cat Care are THE world cat charity and feline information resource. They are based jus...

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