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We don’t try and do a cheap cut-price job – we try and do a proper job for a fair fee and we believe our prices are pretty competitive never-the-less.

Kitten starter package

Our kitten starter package 

Includes – vaccinations, castration or speying, and microchip in our unique cat-friendly hospital for just...


Ths is for kittens less than 12 months old only , with a £10 supplement applies for adult cats. Retained testicles in males, and pregnant queens at further supplement.

Standard Consultation

Our standard consultation is £55.00 and is normally for up to 30 minutes.

For complex and extended consultations and second opinions a different fee structure applies. 

We generally like to get a proper diagnosis, rather than having a ‘let’s try this and see’ approach. A skilled vet who knows their species inside out should get the right diagnosis sooner, using fewer potentially-expensive tests, and then know which treatment is most likely to work.

Veterinary fees will never be cheap, but as an independently-owned practice we can look at alternative ways of doing things where money is tight. Moreover we don’t have financial targets to be reached for every case or for every day – our target is to do right by you and your cat every time you come in!