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Terms and Conditions


All accounts are due for settlement at the end of each consultation, on the discharge of a pet or on the collection of drugs/diets.

Should an account not be settled within seven days, a reminder will be sent and may include an additional accounting fee in respect of administrative costs incurred by us. Further reminders will incur further charges as will referral to our debt collection agency.

Clients who are unable to settle their accounts at the time of provision of veterinary services should discuss the matter as soon as possible with one of the partners.

Medicinal Products

Cats requiring long-term medication must be examined by our veterinary surgeons at regular intervals.

This is a legal requirement for ‘Prescription Only Medicines’ (POMs for short). This interval will vary between 1 and 6 months depending on the case and the judgement of the vet.

Most of our flea and worm treatments are also POMs and can only be dispensed to pets that have been examined by our veterinary surgeons within the last 12 months. We recommend that all cats have an annual health check, for which a fee is payable. No further charges are made for ‘flea checks’ on cats that have this examination.

We can provide a written prescription for medicinal products subject to certain conditions and a fee will be payable to us for this service.


An estimate is always provided where a cat is admitted for hospitalisation or a surgical procedure.

We try to be as realistic as possible with estimating costs of treatment, however if during the course of the treatment it looks likely that the estimate will be exceeded we will always try and contact you on the telephone numbers provided. In the event we cannot contact you, then we will undertake any additional work where we feel it is in the interests of the patient, and you would be liable for those costs.

Pet Health Insurance

We strongly recommend the principle of insuring pets against illness or accidents.

It is the client’s responsibility to settle the account and then claim the fees from the insurance company. We recommend Pet Plan Insurance because of their excellent history of paying out for legitimate claims and because they also cover most dental problems which other insurance companies do not. Please ask for further details.

We are willing to make ‘direct claims’ to your insurer provided that we have written evidence that your pet is covered for the treatment in question. You will have to pay any excesses at the time of treatment and remain liable for any fees not covered by your insurers, for whatever reason.

We do not accept direct claims for certain insurers: please ask.