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Our expertise

Jaffa’s - a one-stop shop

At Jaffa’s we aim to cater for virtually all your cat’s veterinary needs, ensuring that it remains in our unique cat-friendly environment rather than enduring travel to a distant referral centre.

We have full hospitalisation facilities, with the biggest, most comfortable cat cages around, meaning longer-term hospitalisation is as stress-free as possible. Very occasionally we send cats for CT or MRI scans, but with few exceptions we can do pretty much anything else ourselves. When we do need specialist expertise or assistance we usually bring the specialist to Jaffas.

We also have the benefit of an active network of professional colleagues many of whom are world-experts in their particular areas of interest, enabling us to be at the cutting edge of feline medicine.


New ideas

We try to be at the fore-front of innovation for everyday feline veterinary problems - cats suffer from many diseases which, though common, can be very tricky to sort.

Treating only cats, and with our broad knowledge from our feline-vet contacts we often have ideas for tricky cases where others have failed. We don’t guarantee success – but we guarantee we will give it our best shot. As an example we have been using human blood glucose monitors Freestyle Libre to help us monitor our diabetic cat patients. These have been a revolution in terms of knowing how our feline patients respond to their insulin injections, and tell us if their blood glucose levels ever fall dangerously low.


One of our own in-house special interests

Painful teeth are one of the biggest issues with geriatric cats and lack of proper veterinary care can condemn cats’ lives to the misery of toothache – and so often they show no external signs of their agony! In our book there is only one way to do dentistry – properly. This means dental radiography as a routine. We perform major dental procedures here including full-mouth extractions (often for treatment of gingivo-stomatitis) and root-canal therapy.

If you are not a Jaffavet client but your cat needs complex dental work doing we are happy to do this – you will just need to ask your local vet to refer your cat to us.

Too old

You’re never too old to be left in pain

We commonly see older cats with severe dental disease that have been allowed to remain in pain ‘because they are too old for an anaesthetic’. We would like to challenge this concept, as in our book a cat should never be left in severe pain without it being addressed. Anaesthetics in older cats need not be a huge risk, just as older humans frequently have multiple anaesthetics without issues – it’s a case of understanding the risks of geriatric anaesthesia and addressing potential issues before they can happen.

This is what we do at Jaffa’s on a daily basis – complex procedures such as dentals on cats with multiple issues including kidney disease & heart problems.


You are what you eat – and so is your cat

A fundamental part of Jaffa’s is good nutrition – a good diet prevents so many diseases that are ‘nutritionally-responsive’ – ie they can be simply treated or improved by dietary change without the need for medications.

Thus good diet is good medicine. But how do you decide? - in this world of pet-food mega-companies it can prove hard to know if the advice you receive is biased and influenced by the aim of selling you a product. We will be that guide for you.

Whilst we are big fans of ‘raw-feeding’ it doesn’t suit every owner or every cat. You may wish to feed a better quality of moist food, or even to go the full ‘raw-meaty-bones’ route – or possibly a mix of both.

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