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Cat Friendly

Jaffa’s was created with the intent of providing the ultimate, no-compromise, cat-only practice.

We found the perfect premises and the cat-craziest staff – let our patients be the judge.

The cat consultation

Cats are complex creatures.

We believe it is impossible to examine a cat thoroughly in a 10 minute consultation so we generally allow up to 30 minutes. For more complex cases we take as long as it takes – though we do have to charge accordingly.

We start with allowing your cat to explore ‘Jaffa’s kitchen’, letting it to feel secure and unthreatened. Everything is done slowly and surely without forced restraint. We observe their whole interaction with you, with us, and the environment. Usually our new clients are amazed at just how differently their cat behaves compared to previously at the vets.

We like to involve you in your cat’s care, with full explanations of what and why we are proposing, discussing with you what is actually possible for your cat in your household.


Your cat is an individual

There is a huge variation in the temperament of the cats we see – some are loving cuddle cats, others scaredy- cats that wont even be stroked. Each requires a different approach. What works for one cat may be entirely inappropriate for another, and what is right for you may be wrong for someone else. We are here to listen to you and make a plan that works for all.

As examples some cats are impossible to pill, and some wont eat food with anything in it. There is usually a solution - and we have lots of tricks up our sleeves if our initial approach doesn’t work.

Preventive advice including vaccination and flea control is also individualised to you and your cats – we don’t do a one-size-suits-all approach here.

ISFM and Cat-friendly

Our cat journey was inspired by International Cat Care.

We are one of less than 20 vet clinics in the UK that offer a cat-only environment. International Cat Care, icatcare.org based locally at Tisbury, Wiltshire are the global cat charity and information resource. Around 15 years ago they held a competition for the most cat-friendly vet practice. We participated then, appreciating the shortcomings of the vet professions’ traditional way of dealing with cats. Let’s face it, if one treated chickens alongside foxes you would say it is cruel to the chickens! - and it’s no different with cats and dogs.

From those early days the Cat-Practice Friendly Scheme has progressed to many hundreds of accredited clinics worldwide.

Establishing Jaffa’s from scratch gave us the opportunity to develop our own ‘perfect’ cat-only clinic.


Jaffa Vets is run to be convenient for you

Life is hectic, and Salisbury traffic can be a nightmare. We will always try and work around the rush-hour and your daily commitments.

For our operations we don’t insist on the standard 8 to 8.30am slot when the roads are jammed and the kids need dropping off for school! After 9am is usually much more convenient. And for early and late workers we can often arrange admissions and discharges out of hours.

Rather than a ‘computer says no!’ philosophy we like to think that we can find a way round an issue – doesn’t always happen, but we will always try.


Goodbyes the Jaffa way

When it’s time to say goodbye, we have our own way of doing things too.

In our view, the consulting table is not the ideal place to end one’s days – so much better in your arms, or on a snuggly bed, either at home, or in a non-clinical setting at Jaffa’s.

Jaffa’s ‘snug’ is our dedicated quiet room – comfy chairs, peace, and calm.

We always give a sedative injection before putting cats to sleep. From that point onwards there is never any struggling or discomfort . Your cat will, quite literally, go to sleep, and we can then give a final, painless injection.

Afterwards, you may like to stay as long as you wish. And of course we offer all the usual options from burying at home to individual cremations.

Do you have a cat with a problem?

Give us a tinkle – we are always happy to help

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