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A nasty fracture

Isabelle decided to fall off the wardrobe - fracturing her hind leg just below the hock. Now whilst we do everyday bone surgery ourselves this was a very nasty break that needed specialist help. However it was still a 3.5 hour operation for our visiting orthopedic surgeon Richard  Kuipers van Lande. 

The bones were set back in place using an external fixator - a combination of rods inserted into the bones and clamps completing the frame. A bone graft taken from the hips was placed into the fracture sight to help it all fuse together. It's now a waiting game over the next 6 to 10 weeks whilst it all heals.

You can imagine that this was not cheap surgery - without pet insurance amputation was an alternative route and whilst cats do very well on 3 legs it is obviously better to repair the leg successfully.

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This picture is self - explanatory - before and after with a gory view mid- surgery! The skin was then closed and a dressing placed over the fixator to protect it.  Click the picture if it doesn't display fully on your screen.