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Introducing Sarah, our new vet

Introducing Sarah our new vet!

Sarah Metcalfe will be joining Jaffa’s on September 18th, working alongside Pete. She will be working 3 days a week bringing new expertise and giving Pete and Jill time to enjoy life beyond Jaffas!

Many of you will have met her already as she has worked a number of Mondays and odd days for us. Until recently she has worked for our out-of-hours provider Vets Now, and has completed extensive training and hands-on experience in Emergency and Critical care. She brings great expertise plus a real enthusiasm for cat care, as well as being female – wonderful for the cats that prefer ladies!

Her first week here will be ‘get to meet Sarah week’. We invite you to come and say hello over coffee and croissants 9 to 11 am on 19th and 22nd September. Bring a friend too if you wish – all welcome.

ps. in this world where virtually every practice is being bought up by the ‘corporates’, NO, we are not retiring or selling up!