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Summer news letter

19 Jun 19

Armed forces day 29th June

Owing to the Armed Forces Day National Event Castle Road will be closed all day Saturday 29th June, meaning that we will be unable to see any patients or supply any medications on this day. If you have an emergency please phone the usual number and we will make appropriate arrangements for your cat to receive veterinary attention.

We are not sure quite what is happening Friday - expect slow traffic and delays accessing the surgery.

Michele and Carly

Both Michelle and Carly have gained their Diploma in Feline Nursing – well done both. It was a real hard graft for them both – it is a very demanding course, but they both passed with flying colours. Carly, being a glutton for punishment, is planning to study for the Diploma in Feline Behaviour.

Join our team

Are you disillusioned with your job? Looking for a new challenge? We are looking for an additional person to join our small friendly team. The job description is flexible according to your skills, and involves nursing/patient care, some front-of-house duties, and the usual general housekeeping.

A full-trained and experienced vet-nurse would be ideal. Nursing qualifications are not essential as full training will be given (however we are not a ‘nurse-training practice’). We are happy to consider unqualified experienced vet nurses, or human nurses wanting a change from the work environment of the NHS! Or a trained receptionist wanting a more-varied job with clinical work.

We offer a generous wage and benefits in a lovely working environment in a great city, in a very nice part of the country close to the coast, the New Forest and lots more beside plus assistance with relocation.

Please phone if you feel you would like to know more.


Not before time perhaps, you will have seen that we have revamped our website to reflect both the changes in Jaffa’s and in website design over the years. Thanks to everyone for their pictures, and for letting me photograph and video them. www.jaffavets.com.

Annual health checks

We always recommend annual checks for your kitties – find out about problems before they have chance to become more serious. We will also vaccinate according to identified need based upon your kitty’s home environment and risk exposure. Some owners choose not to vaccinate after their primary vaccinations and may get away with this for a year or two. However, if your cat is insured please be aware that your insurance maybe invalidated if your cat has not had an annual check. Moreover you will not be covered for cat ‘flu if regular vaccinations have not been given, even if these are every third year on our advice.

As far as flu is concerned, the biggest risk is in multi-cat households especially if you have 6 or more cats – and this is where there can be a temptation to not vaccinate because of the combined costs - 3-yearly should be minimum.


It’s flea and tick time again and as always we are forever exploring the cat-friendliest  ways of achieving this. For the housecat that never goes out this may mean no treatment at all – but for others regular medication is required if one is to avoid problems. We now have 2 new products which have really revolutionised the parasite market for us. Firstly there is Bravecto plus, a spot-on that gives 3 months protection against fleas and ticks from a single dose, and also kills roundworms. That just leaves tapeworks to deal with, but if your cat doesn’t hunt and catch rabbits, nor come across too many infected fleas then you shouldn’t have any problems and can ignore them. If your kitty does pick them up they are not harmful to either you or your cat in this part of the country (there is one nasty tapeworm in some rural areas of Wales) If you see little rice-grain sized bugs crawling around your cat’s rear end then a simple tablet or spot-on will suffice.

 A newer product is ‘Credelio’ – a palatable chewable tablet is unique in that it is the only tablet for ticks  and it kills fleas too. However it is a monthly treatment.