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Covid update

04 Jan 22

It's not all over yet! 

We have been on 'lockout' from late March 2020, in an attempt to keep staff safe and functional, and to protect our clients, many of whom fall into the over-50's category.

In addition to the challenges of working in this manner, we have had never-ending demand for our services - the whole team have been working flat out for the last 20 months, and myself and Jill have not had a holiday in the last 2 years. Self-preservation is important to us, and to this effect we have regretfully taken the decision that we can no longer accept new clients at this time. This may change in the future - but we do not have a waiting list, as that will demand more time updating and monitoring. This is not a decision we have taken lightly - it goes totally against the grain to turn prospective clients away. Moreover the acceptance of new clients is not just our practice, as most other practices have experienced unprecedented demand due to the explosion of 'covid puppies', so it is no longer simply a case of registering your pet at the vet of your choice. For those thinking of having a dog or cat for the first time I would suggest that first step is to find a vet - then seek proper advice on which pet to buy - and then buy your pet. We are not great fans of the importation of eastern/middle-eastern rescues, as there are more than enough welfare cases in the UK, and the foreigners often come with chronic health issues with long-term consequences (and expense). They may also bring nasty parasites and diseases we don't usually see over here.