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Covid latest 24th April

Should I call?

Firstly we remain busy, very busy at times – it takes time to follow all our strict protocols, so please understand we may be unable to sort everything straight away. Rest assured that this maximises your own safety coming here (especially important if you are high-risk) but busy or not, we are never too busy to look after you and your cat, so if you need to call us please do!

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Can I catch Covid off my cat?

There have been many developments since the last email, including the potential for cats to catch Covid.  The science is this – under certain circumstances cats have been shown to catch Covid 19 from human sufferers. Usually they had a slight cough for a couple of days which settled in all cases without any treatment.

There is NO evidence of humans catching it from affected cats, and no evidence of dogs being affected. However, if you are suffering from Covid it would be prudent not to kiss the family cats – let another family member feed and cuddle them. Other than that let them come and go as they have always done.

What can we do

There has been a relaxation in the recommended restrictions on veterinary practices from our governing bodies, particularly relevant to cats. The welfare implications of not neutering have been recognised – whilst there may be a human population explosion come Christmas we don’t want the same for pussy cats. The desirability of vaccinations for kittens is also recognised.

This means we can check over and vaccinate your new kitten, and will be following our usual protocol of neutering at the same time of the second vaccination, thus minimising visits to the surgery.

Official advice is that we should limit the number of anaesthetics that require oxygen avoiding consumption of human supplies. However we have our own oxygen generator, so this is not a concern.

We still have to assess the individual circumstances of each and every cat, so for a new kitten destined to be a house cat we would not be recommending vacs and neuter at this point in time – unless you have more cats in the household. As before, just phone us and we can chat through your situation and make appropriate arrangements.