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17 Mar 20


 These are uncertain and worrying times – and a rapidly moving situation where advice changes by the hour.

 Fear not, at Jaffa’s we will find a way to look after your cats come what may. It’s going to take some flexibility from both sides, but where there is a will there is a way!



There are a number of situations where we can minimise the risks of COVID transmission. All strategies are subject to modification when we see how it all works in practice.


  1. Operations
  2. Medication collection
  3. Food collection

 Visiting the surgery

 Firstly let us tell you about our in-house strategy for minimising risks

 MOST IMPORTANT -  at your first contact for an appointment we will need to establish if you are self-isolating or whether you are in the group that has been recommended to observe ‘social distance’. If so we recommend that you stay outside the practice and allow us to come out to you and collect your cat. We can speak outside maintaining the recommended 2 metres distance or make use of our video call facility on the sterilised tablet phone that we provide.

  •  ‘One-in one-out’ – we will try and have only one client with their cats in the waiting room at any one time. Phone us from your car on arrival and we will ‘give you the nod’ when the coast is clear!
  • One owner per vet visit – to minimise human interactions we would appreciate just one client with your cats, so no family outings for the time being please. If you have the kids in tow and they can’t be left alone in the car, give us a call when you arrive here and we will take your cat in for treatment whilst you stay with the kids.
  • Our premises are always kept pretty-much spotlessly clean. In addition for the time being all door handles are cleaned with virucidal disinfectant between clients
  • As always we wash our hands between every individual client.
  • Our phones, keyboards, light switches – and our hands, are washed/sanitized on a frequent basis.
  • Sorry no hand-shaking (elbow bumps only).
  • A new pen will be provided whenever anything needs signing.
  • It goes without saying - please don’t come to Jaffa’s if you are suffering from any respiratory infection, for the sake of us and our clients.


 We are happy to do routine consultations, kitten packages and the like as well as consultations for poorly cats. However as our hygiene measures will be time consuming we may have to temporarily postpone routine procedures if we are too busy with sick cats or if we experience staff shortages.

  • You may wait in the car in our car-park to avoid coming in if you wish even if you don’t ‘qualify for high risk status. Phone us on arrival and we will collect your cat, take it in, and have a video-chat with you on our sterilised tablet.


 Yes we are still doing routine operations including neuterings

  • The protocol we are using with consultations can be applied to ops too – stay in the car, we come out to you, sign the forms, and admit your cat. Payment can be made over the phone when the discharge is organised once the op has been done.
  • For the time being we are stopping ‘while you wait’ operations.

 Medication collection

Please help us by giving us 48 hours notice when ordering medication.

If collecting drugs and you don’t want to come in we can put it on the doorstep, or bring it to your car

We can also post out most medications and flea/tick products – but allow 3 to 4 days – our local post-box has a 7am collection only!

 Food collection

Collection of food is as for medications – you can order and pay over the phone and we can bring it out to your car.

Please don’t overstock on food. If demand stays steady we see no reason to run short. We don’t want to end up create a shortage as has happened with toilet-rolls.

 In time this terrible episode will be over – rest assured that the Jaffa’s team will be here to see it through. Pete and Jill will be contactable by the rest of the team when they are not around in the surgery, and will always be willing to deal with your concerns.