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Corona latest October 2020

20 Oct 20

All along we have been expecting the need to be on lock-out all winter, and sadly it has to be that way. Whilst we have our own views on generalised lock-down and the need for 'herd-immunity', there is a pressing need to protect the vulnerable and the only way we can do this is to ensure that Jaffa's is not a potential source of Coronavirus.

Those of you who have visited us over the summer will have used our gazebo, or had the pleasure of consultation in the fresh-air of our lovely gardens. We now have a relatively-comfy mini-marquee to see us over the winter, fully lit and heated.

We will usually 'clock' you when you arrive - if not give us a tinkle on your mobile and we will come out to you, bring your kitty indoors, and sort out what we are doing and where you are going, ( if not just dropping-off your cat). We can only accommodate one party in the marquee at any one time and if it is in use you may need to return to your car, so please bring plenty of warm gear just in case. We are trying to space everyone out in sequential manner to minimise any inconvenience.

Having taken your feline friend into Jaffas we will then come out to have a chat with you in the marquee before doing our examination indoors while you wait. Cat, medications, and explanations then return to you in the tent.

Our new way of working is time-consuming and we have a bit of a backlog built up from a very hectic summer, but things are now calming a little and we are all under control getting things finely tuned.

There may still be a delay booking in routine vaccinations and non-urgent surgery, but if your cat is not well it will always been seen promptly, and any necessary treatment/surgery done with minimal delay. We appreciate your understanding - it is a trying time for all, and not looking any less trying in the near future.