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“the fresh approach to veterinary care”

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Who are we?

Jaffa’s  is the creation of husband and wife team, Pete and Jill Coleshaw

Pete provides the veterinary expertise, whilst Jill is his officer-in-charge!

In our previous practice we split our cats away from the dogs, and saw the huge benefits this gave the cats.

We set up Jaffa’s in June 2013, extending the cat-friendly concept by just treating cats. And the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Our patients behave in a completely different manner again, so much so that it is now very apparent how wrong traditional veterinary practice is for cats. If one treated chickens alongside foxes you would say it is cruel to the chickens! And it’s no different with cats and dogs.

Team photo

Pete & Jill

Our aim

Our aim at Jaffa’s is simply to provide the best of both cat and customer care.

We have lovely, comfortable, light premises, which we have equipped from scratch with the most up-to-date equipment. We have a very friendly, small and personal team.

We try to offer a totally different concept in patient and customer care. For example, stay in Jaffa’s snug while your cat has its operation, with a cup of freshly ground coffee and WiFi to occupy you.

Jill and I look forward to meeting you and your feline friends, and to developing a long-term relationship with you.”