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Raw feeding

A properly formulated raw diet has a number of important benefits for you and your cats.


If you are going to raw-feed, it is very important to do it correctly.

It is easy to get it right. With a little knowledge there should be no problems at all, and your cats can reap all the benefits.

The danger of promoting raw diets is that you get it wrong and end up feeding a diet that has as many potential issues as the processed stuff you were feeding previously.

Nothing in life is without risk: feeding kibbled diets to cats is most certainly not risk free. For example, ‘blocked cats’ frequently die, and this is a condition that results from feeding dry foods. It’s all about the relative risks.

The pet-food manufacturers have a vested interest in having you believe that raw feeding is dangerous.

Moreover, most people promoting dried foods generally have no experience of properly-formulated raw meat-with-bone diets and the benefits they provide.

We are here to help you get it right - just ask!

It’s never too young to start feeding raw!