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Over thousands of years cats have evolved to eat
prey such as rabbits and birds.

Yet most cat-foods, especially dried foods (kibble) contain large amounts of cereal. Long term this can lead to all sorts of health issues such as diabetes, obesity, bladder stones, and chronic tummy upsets.

The food industry response to these health issues is to sell you an expensive  ‘prescription diet’. Why not feed the right diet in the first place and prevent the condition from ever occurring?

We are happy to advise you of the pros and cons of the different ways of feeding your cat.

You may wish to feed a better quality of dried or pouched food, or even to go the full ‘raw-meaty-bones’ route.

Feeding and diet

raw feeding

Here’s an interesting video clip forwarded to us by one of our clients - it kind of addresses the idea that  ‘a fact is fact’, and that we professionals should have the humility to reconsider the ways of working that we have been taught to follow. More…………

Our aim

Our aim is to advise you on the best diet for your cat’s lifestyle. We do offer a range of our preferred foods including our own ‘minced-meaty mixes’.

For an overall view on the impact of nutrition on health, take a look at this article by Aussie vet Richard Malik. I agree with almost all his thoughts.

What I find so interesting is that we raw feeders have worked it out for ourselves independently, and invariably come to the same logical conclusions. We just need to go beyond that industry rhetoric.


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