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Maternity care

Ante-natal care begins with confirmation of pregnancy, which we do with our ultrasound scanner.

The next step is learning what to expect. If you have not had a litter before, we will help you with the important facts.

Take a look too on You Tube where you will find a number of videos showing natural births. Here is one example

We encourage you to phone during kittening if anything worries you.

Very often we can hold your hand down the phone line without your queen needing to be seen.


Another unique service that we offer is supervised kittening.

If you have a cat this is due to kitten, and you need to be somewhere other than home, we are happy to act as midwife and labour ward throughout the labour period, day or night.

We have a kittening pen that we place in our snug where queens can give birth in peace, with a careful eye kept on them.