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Eve’s story

“Normally she sees the cat box coming, and goes and hides. She struggles when we try to put her in the box. I always warn the vet that they will need two nurses before I arrive.

By the time she’s in the consulting room she is all puffed up, breathing heavily, eyes like saucers, hissing at the slightest noise. The claws come out – sometimes they need three nurses and a crush cage just to give a vaccination.

I’ve got scars on my arms from trips to the vets.

When she gets home she curls into the tightest ball, shaking for an hour or more. It takes her 2 days to settle down back to normal.

On the first visit to Jaffa’s she was completely stress-free – which was pure joy to me as a cat owner. On going home, there were no problems. Her head went straight into the food bowl, she was totally relaxed and chatting to me.

For her return visit to Jaffa’s she got into the basket without any struggle. She sat purring, very chilled and relaxed, which must be SO much better for her!”


A very relaxed Eve on her second visit to Jaffa’s, having her blood pressure taken.

Louis’s story

“He doesn’t like having his nails clipped – he needs to be restrained & wrapped in a blanket. Last time he bit my daughter.

Here (at Jaffa’s) he didn’t have a problem at all, which cheered me up no end. I thought he would get stressed, and he wasn’t even bothered.

He’s never behaved like this at a vets before – he’s exactly as he is at home. And look how relaxed I am!

It’s only a nail cut but it’s normally a stressful business for me as well as him!