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Ever had toothache ?

It hurts! And yet so many of our cats suffer in silence from dental disease - over 70% of adult cats have some degree of dental problem.

Effective dentistry is really all about prevention, rather than cure.

As with our own teeth, if the early signs of disease are detected soon enough, proper dental care can reverse the progress. If left too long, the process becomes irreversible and extraction or other treatments become necessary.

Modern dental care

Human dentists do not extract teeth without doing
X-rays. Why should cats be any different?

Take a look at the photo and X-rays here. By just looking at these teeth, you cannot see any disease and yet two are fractured.

We routinely X ray every tooth when we evaluate a cat’s mouth.

A special interest of Pete’s

Pete is listed by the British Veterinary Dental Association as a vet with a special interest in veterinary dentistry and we are probably the only vet practice in the UK offering advanced dental procedures in-house in a cat-only setting.

Advanced dental procedures include root-canal therapy, 'pulp cappings', and metal crowns.

We are also happy to see your cat as a ‘referral’ from your own vets. >>More

Foods and tooth- brushing

Specific dental diets can be helpful at preventing dental disease, by reducing plaque formation. Tooth-brushing performs the same function. Chewing on a raw chicken or rabbit bone is even better!

Brushing must be done DAILY for best effect.

However, none of the above should be done if your cat has a dirty, smelly, or inflamed mouth, as considerable pain may result - and they will never let you clean them subsequently!

In every case, the teeth should have a full veterinary assessment under anaesthetic first.

ONLY when the mouth is fully healed and healthy should preventive measures such as tooth brushing commence.

The X rays show that two of these teeth have fractured roots.