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We are all a bit anxious when our cat undergoes an anaesthetic for surgery.

We have taken every possible measure to minimise the risks, and to make your cat’s stay with us as comfortable as possible.

We have a modern operating theatre and surgical equipment which lets us perform a wide range of operations. Occasionally we will refer you to a specialist surgeon for complex procedures.

Warm and cosy

During operations we use a special hot air blanket to prevent your cat’s body temperature from falling, and we have highly advanced electronic monitors which track your cat’s heart rate and rhythm, body temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.

On recovery, your cat will be individually nursed until fully recovered.

If you wish to stay at Jaffa’s  throughout your cat’s operation, you are welcome to sit in our snug and enjoy coffee and home-baking with wireless internet access.

‘Lantern’ collars are not fur us!

We really don’t like Elizabethan collars unless they are essential. Instead we make every effort to keep wounds and injuries comfortable.

Occasionally they are needed, such as when feeding cats using a tube down their nose. We also have blow-up collars which create much less stress than the hard collars.

Theatre with a view

We reckon we have the best views from our theatre than any other vet practice, with the Spire out of one window, and Cranbourne Chase out of the other.

X ray excellence

We have the latest digital X ray machine, which we also use for our dental X rays, giving us pictures in around 60 seconds.