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Nursing is of critical importance to cats – and can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

We hospitalise cats as little as possible because of the stresses this imposes on them, but when it needs to be done, it is done to the highest standards.

Night transfers

No cat will be left alone at night unless it is fit to do so. For critical cases, we arrange for a qualified staff member to be with them all night, and we will not transfer your cat elsewhere unless dictated by the patient’s needs.

We are always happy for you to visit your cats and spend as long as you like with them, and you are welcome to bring special foods, toys, or bedding.

Hospital stays

Our pens are the best design we have ever come across - and are huge - a Rottweiler would fit in them. They are built from warm, quiet, polypropylene. Each has under-floor heating, and a shelf for sitting on.

Large sized pens offer huge advantages. For example, cats do not like eating or drinking near to their litter tray, so how can we expect them to perform all their daily functions in a traditional tiny cage?

Our pens really are huge, as Jill demonstrates.