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How to find us.

We are conveniently situated 300 yards off the A358, heading north out of Salisbury, just off the city ring-road, with plenty of easy parking.

Don’t worry if you are coming from afar - there will be a nice hot cuppa awaiting you. And if you need help out of the car, just phone us on your mobile and we’ll come out and assist.

Jaffa’s Health Centre for Cats

52 St Francis Road,

Salisbury SP1 3QS


9.00 am - 6.00 pm Mon- Fri

9.00 am - 12 noon Sat

01722 414298


Outside working hours we use the emergency service providers Vets Now, in Salisbury.

For those of you who travel to Jaffa’s from further afield, they also have emergency clinics in Southampton, Bournemouth and Winchester, with one soon to be opened in Amesbury.

As a client of Jaffa’s you are free to take your cat to any of these clinics, or to phone them for any emergency advice that you require. There is no charge for their telephone advice.

Vets Now