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We like to see cats by appointment, allowing adequate time for each patient, as we like to proceed at a pace your cat finds comfortable.

Our consulting hours are flexible, with weekend, lunchtime and early-morning slots available.

Emergencies will be seen at any time during working hours, and occasionally a poorly cat will take precedence over a scheduled appointment.

We don’t like to rush our patients, so our initial consultations are a minimum of 30 minutes giving cats plenty of time cats to come out of their baskets themselves.

We like you to be fully involved with your cat’s care and the treatment plan, and we make sure you understand what we are doing and why.

Conversation not consultation!

Our approach is tailored specifically to you and your cat. There is often more than one way of dealing with an problem, depending upon your views and possibly your finances.

We aim to diagnose conditions properly rather than ‘give things a try’ as we find this is usually more cost-effective in the long term.

The most expensive treatment is the one your cat did not need in the first place  so let’s find out what we are dealing with, and then make our decisions.

Kittens love our climbing ladder