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Cats do not understand the need to keep still whilst we perform certain procedures, and a sedative or anaesthetic may be the only way of performing the task without stressing your cat unduly.

Any anaesthetic carries some risk, even for apparently healthy individuals, though most risks can be reduced to acceptable levels.

How do we reduce the
anaesthetic risks?

warm air blanket

Senior cats

Senior cats may have multiple health issues – for example a cat may have overactive thyroid glands, along with heart disease & poorly functioning kidneys, and yet have painful teeth that require an anaesthetic. Whilst extra care and knowledge is needed with these cats, anaesthetics can still be safe in the right hands.

We encourage you to stay whilst the ‘pre-med’ injection works, ensuring that your cat is not left until calm and settled.

In most cases you may remain at Jaffa’s  during your cat’s stay, should you so wish (we have a snug room with facilities and refreshments and WiFi).

Please remember that we only give anaesthetics when they are needed. Be reassured that with all the above care, anaesthetic issues are few and far between. We cannot eliminate risks, but we can certainly reduce them

We usually phone you during the anaesthetic recovery period, keeping you posted on your cat’s progress.

We are always happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Click on the Bair Hugger picture for more-detailed information on hypothermia and its prevention.