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Why are we special?

Jaffa’s Health Centre has been designed to avoid all the things cats find challenging and scary.

You already know how sensitive cats can be to strange sounds and smells - there’s none at Jaffa’s ! You will also notice that there are no cats staring from pictures on the walls - another thing our feline friends can find frightening. And this is just the start.

Cat Friendly Clinics

International Cat Care, ICC, have created Cat-friendly guidelines for mixed dog-and-cat practices.

We have followed this blueprint taking things one step further by having a practice just for cats. We have then added our own flavour, aiming to offer simply the best standards of cat-friendliness, coupled to our own particular brand of client care.

Jaffa’s cattitude

“For most cats, using a slow approach is more-efficient in achieving the results you want”                  ICC

So scarey at Jaffa’s!

cats that hate dogs

When we set up Jaffas it required a certain leap of faith that we had got things right.

However, until we set up and got things running, we did not appreciate just how right it has proved to be!

There is a huge gulf between cat-only and splitting cats off from dogs in a mixed practice - it’s something you have to experience to believe, it is that different.

Some of our cat patients will play spontaneously in the consulting room, whislt others sit and groom - others even fall asleep! -all virtually unheard of in a vets.

Doesn’t it make a lovely change from toileting in the basket!

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